The Best Things In Rome Are Free!

Rome is a sprawling city that has so much to offer, and has tons of tourist spots for visitors to spend lots of money on.

At this point in the trip, we wanted to stop spending money on expensive museums and activities. In some cities we got lucky, like in London, where museums are free to visit. In other cities, we ended up spending a lot of money. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, for example, cost almost €18 for each person (equivalent to $28). After doing that a few times, it really adds up.

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21 Thoughts on Rome

After spending a night in Venice and spending a lot of time on the train, we made it to the Eternal City. We are spending the most time in Rome than any other city on this trip, with 10 days here.

Rome invokes strong emotions in people. Anyone I know who has visited the city says it is one of their favourite places on the planet, and I have a few thoughts (and questions) on this place.

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