I Left My Heart in Bavaria

We spent three weeks in Germany, and during that time, we visited Berlin, Hannover, and Munich, along with a day trip from Munich to the Bavarian Alps.

Berlin was a gritty, grimy city whose architecture made me feel as if I was in Eastern Germany. It was also a sprawling city that is trying to understand its WWII and Cold War history. We also learned after we had left Berlin that despite its status at the capital of Germany, it is actually one of the poorest cities in Germany, while Munich is the richest.

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Trip Update!

Hello friends and family! We’d like to give you an update on our trip. When we left Toronto on September 28, we had everything planned up to December 22 where we would be in Florence, Italy. We weren’t sure how the trip would go, i.e., if we were so bored of each other and/or so close to killing each other that we would have to return home for Christmas!

However, after a lot of thought (and a quick peek at the budget…), we’ve decided to extend the trip until the beginning of January. After Florence, we head to Lisbon, Portugal, where we will spend Christmas. Then it’s off to Valencia, Spain, so Geoff can go see a Real Madrid game and where we will spend New Year’s. Our final stop is Barcelona, where we will fly back to Toronto.

We know that we are going to get super homesick over the holidays and we are seriously missing you all, but we also know that we would regret not seeing a bit more of Europe while we are here. Also, it would have cost an arm and a leg to return to Canada before Christmas!

We look forward to see you all in 2016!

– Lauren + Geoff

The Hunt for Vermeer

Amsterdam turned out to be one of my favourite places I’ve visited so far on this trip. It is certainly the prettiest – with the crooked houses, canals, bridges, and the beautiful weather we experienced.

It was also home to several works by Johannes Vermeer. It is my goal to see as many Vermeer paintings as I can, mostly because he painted my all-time favourite painting Girl with a Pearl Earring (and maybe because Colin Firth, Mr. Darcy himself, played Vermeer in the movie Girl with a Pearl Earring).

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One Night in Hannover

I’ve been very good about procrastinating when it comes to this blog, but hey, do what you’re good at right? Right now I’d like to express some feelings about the events that took place about a week ago, now that I’m a little more removed from them.

I’m a sports fan. I love seeing new stadiums, and the atmosphere and fans that surround them. I am also a huge German national football team fan. When Lauren and I began to think about this trip, I looked to see if there would be a game we could attend. It turned out an international break was scheduled and the Germans were playing a friendly against the Netherlands in Hannover. Yippie! I was going to see the current world champions.

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