First Thoughts on Reykjavík

We’re wrapping up our first night in Reykjavík, Iceland and we have experienced a lot already of the northernmost city in the world. Here are some thoughts I had on our first day in Reykjavík!

  1. The mountains are majestic and the ground is all moss. Where are the elf houses? I was told there would be elves.
  2. This wind is FIERCE. And it’s so blows hard randomly for 2 minutes and it’s gone.
  3. Oh, now it’s raining AND snowing? But it’s sunny over there!
  4. Seriously, wind. I get it. You want to knock me over.
  5. And look. A rainbow. A full rainbow over, what is that, a lake? The sea? Where are we?
  6. Why did this coffee cost me $6?! Right, because we are on an island in the middle of the Atlantic and everything is imported…
  7. Icelandic is such a beautiful-sounding language.
  8. Icelanders are super nice and switch effortlessly to English when I start mumbling at them for the bathroom and when I’m trying to figure out their weird currency.
  9. The Hallgrímskirkja is stunning. Especially when I’m trying to take a photo of it and the wind nearly blows my phone out of my hand.
  10. Have I mentioned how crazy strong the wind is here?
  11. Can’t wait to explore the rest of this city and buy Icelandic wool! Now I am going to sleep for 12 hours.

– Lauren

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